Sunday, November 14, 2010

On My Daily Walk

I've been walking every day lately and taking photos of the cloud patterns that I see. Yesterday there were some really interesting patterns and I intended to post this last night but my computer picked up a Trojan (Backdoor: Cycbot2) while surfing some education site. It took me two hours to get it off my computer which I finally did by doing a system restore. Fortunately I had just installed Lightroom 3 a day or two earlier followed by an update that Lightroom found when I first opened it. The computer set a new restore point before each install so all that I lost was the update to LR 3.2. I reinstalled that and after verifying that everything worked (and the Trojan was gone). I manually set another restore point. Note to those who write and release viruses, Trojans, etc. onto the Internet, GET A LIFE!

Both yesterday and today I was walking in late afternoon/early evening and the clouds have been quite varied. They also change appearance fairly quickly between the wind and changing light. I liked this composition best of those from yesterday.

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