Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In Search of a Waterfall

Inspired by some waterfall photos in the latest copy of Lenswork I went to the Adirondacks to re-shoot a waterfall that I have photographed before. The river at the bottom of the hill from our house and the one running through Potsdam have both been running a bit higher than is normal for July so I figured there would be more water in the mountains too but apparently the streams that flow East out of the mountains are not running higher than normal like their West flowing cousins are. They were significantly lower than I had hoped. Because my original objective required a substantial hike and the streams were low I changed my plan and drove down to Split Rock Falls which is right next to the road. I figured if I was going to be disappointed, at least it wouldn't be after a long walk. The water was low but as you can see above, I was not disappointed. I spent about 3 hours (a good part of it waiting for clouds to cover the sun) and explored more thoroughly than previous trips. I found a trail on the opposite shore which gave me another view of the lower falls. Perhaps I'll post that one tomorrow.

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