Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Today I thought I'd weed the garden path. The grass has been encroaching on the sides into the crushed stone and narrowed it by several inches on each side. 'Shouldn't take more than an hour' methought. As I was weeding the path I decided that I should pull the weeds between the flagstones at the entrance to the garden too. That proved harder since the creek stone I had used to fill the spaces between the flags had settled over the years and needed to be loosened in order to pull the weed roots. No point just breaking the weeds off. They'll just grow back. Then there were the weeds that had grown roots under the flagstones so I had to lift the flags. Of course then the creek stone got where the flags had to be put back and they had gotten filled with dirt and crushed stone from the path that had to be sifted out so I dug out the whole area, sifted and washed the stone, relaid weed block and reset the flags before putting the creek stone back between the flags. Some of the smaller stone had been lost in the sifting since my soil screen is ½" mesh and a lot of the stone was small enough to fall through with the dirt so I went to town to buy another 40# bag of yellow creek stone but they were out so I bought some crushed brick to mix with the remaining stone. That required rearranging the stone I had already filled back in in order to get a more or less even mix, but about 5 hours after I started my one hour job it was done and it looks pretty good if I do say so myself.

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